Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blog Post # 9

Mr. McClung 4th and 1st years of teaching

During his fourth year Mr. McClung stated that he committed a Junior High like sin. Going back to a time where peer approval was most worried about. He also said that he had to come to himself and look at the big picture. What mattered most wasn't the way his coworkers looked at him but the success of his classroom. That in the end his ability in his classroom would speak for him. Keeping his mind on who he is there for would keep him on the right path.

He also spoke on challenging yourself that when time pass and you’re in the same place teaching the same thing you get comfortable. Every educator will get to the point where they can get comfortable and when that happens the teaching it suffers. We will always have the decision to cruise or to make our classroom interesting for our students. Mr. McClung realized that sometimes teachers get so occupied with pleasing superiors that the student is forgotten. With stress coming from many areas it's not hard to lose focus. Reading the crowd as he called it was something that he developed in immensely.

Also we have to be flexible; he states to us that there is no such thing as a perfect lesson plan. That being able to work around problems in the class with a smile making the best of any situation is needed. Establishing communication, which connects with not only students but also teachers? He continues to say that we all know that communication is important, but ends up being the harder skills to develop. I enjoyed Mr. McClung response called" be reasonable. It says that teachers can sometimes have to high of expectations for the students. Not saying that expectations or bad but if they are not reached, our job as educators or to pick them up, dust them off, and encourage them to try again.

Techonology,Listening,and never stop learning

Something I hear and see all the time, was mention in his post. That grown adults or afraid of failure. That because of wanting to have the perfect class it makes trying things outside the norm something we don’t do. New technology is scary to teachers the thought of not being able to do it right the 1st time is scary. We must be able to show our students that we are not afraid to try again when we fail. As we push them to do. Listening is one of a teacher’s strongest tools. Connecting with students to help build a relationship outside of the books help you better understand the student. Teachers are supposed to teach, but they also can never stop learning. Mr. McClung states that it's never too late to change your way of thinking, learning or style. Teachers work in a learning environment, so while we can we need to soak up all we can.Mcclung Worlds

Sunday, October 21, 2012

How we Dream.

This is how we dream moved from an explanation of how we write, and look at things that have been written.  The video shows us what Mr. Miller calls incremental changes in the writing and the reading field.  How technology is yet moving forward through the writing perspective. Written documents are no longer just books to be in a library. But Through the internet many forms of knowledge have been open to anyone that seeks to find it.

As I listen to the video Mr. Miller mention, that he did not have to go to the library to find information. He did not have to leave the comfort of his computer but everything he needed was already there. When leaving to go search for information was a time taking process. Now everything that you would like to know can be found at your finger tips. Another point I enjoyed that he made was being able to share. He said that now we can share knowledge infinitely.  There is no time table on how long it will be until you recieve. But at the press of a button the unknown can easily become known.

Even though, information is so assessable for peoples use. That fact still remains that it’s usually only text.  Making something easy to reach is only half the job. Now the other half is making it interesting.  He spoke on incorporating new ideas into text only documents. Like the incorporation of sound, images, and video into a document will soon become a new way to make the reader more insightful. Leaving from Microsoft word, to form documents that or more exciting and pull more readers into your writing.

Carly Pugh blog post.
I really enjoyed carly post I found it truly to be very inspirational. Even if I’m not inspiring to be an English teacher points that she made had me thinking.  It’s something to have thoughts on what you want to do, but to put them on paper and act on them becomes a new adventure. In her writing she speaks of wanting to include the internet and its many utilities into her classroom.  I recognize this want and need to express use of technology in the class room falls in line with Mr. Miller.

The Chipper Serious and the Edm 310 for Dummies report.
I must first say that I found the chipper video very funny. I would like to participate in a video about hard work. I believe that a central theme for this video is to stay on task and on time. This video actually helped me see myself slowly falling into a chipper serious mindset. But I defiantly have to stay on task, turning work in when is due is better than turning it in late. Edm 310 for dummies was very interesting also. I think everyone experiences the crazy feeling at the begging of the class. What I was left wondering was this book real.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn
I enjoyed this video. I believe that the arguments made by each person were substantial to the future were moving forward to. I really like Stephen Heppell he and he also has a website.  I actually went and looked at one of his personal videos called stephen heppell learning without frontiers Which I truly enjoyed.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

During the first part of Mr. Pausch lecture he mentioned football. When speaking about making his dreams reality, football was a part of the dream even though he didn't make it to the NFL football taught him something. Fundamentals and hard work is something he said that stuck out to me. Knowing that if you don’t understand the fundamentals that the extra things added want be effective. Pressing the need for students to exercise hard work in the beginning of learning their fundamentals, gives them a strong background in understanding that basic first fancy second.
Ways that help people realize how great they or. Showing people those things they do can make other people happy. Being able to achieve your dreams and show your ability to others induces encouragement. Encouragement is a wonderful tool that boost students excitement to do there best. Achieving your dreams helping you become self reflective is a where we want to be.

The best ways to teach someone something is to let them think that there leaning something different. Keeping a student entertained and enthused while learning something hard is the legacy that Mr. pausch did not mine leaving behind. Once you start something it begins to take a part of you to make you want to achieve bettter. He often mentions things called brick walls. Telling us that brick walls don’t come to stop you but they come to push you harder. They separate the ones that want it badly from the people who don’t want it badly enough.

He would always say this phrase "head fake". My definition that I receive from his phrase was the best things taught or taught unexpectedly. As a teacher of any kind I believe that this should always be in the back of our mind. That just because you put a student on a specific task does not mean that, the task is the only thing they will learn. That what you really need is the ability to push through different situations.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blog Assignment #5

Ischool Initiative

The video was very nice; many kids would love the opportunity to be able to stop the use of the # 2 pencil. Technology is something that most every student has use of in there day. So to incorporate the use of the most used device into the learning environment would make things smoother. Also the ability to lower cost in schools would be a nice benefactor for both parents, teachers and students. I believe that the ischool will become highly used in the years to come.

I found that the video really caught my attention. So much that I wanted to check out his organization ischool. The website was very interesting, even with a link to help donate to the cause. Visiting the website gave me an inside look about what they were trying to accomplish. Making a stand to help revolutionize the education process is exciting and fun. Visit the website and help make a change toward a better educational future.

Lux Aurumque First the music side of me must speak. I have song this piece before and I must say that it is not easy and that it sounded beautiful. The fact that this was created using the internet is amazing. The pitch was amazing and the blend was wonderful. Over the phone and internet there is usually a drag time with the voice but everything fell in place. Including the director, for that many people singing and watching a director at the same time while on the internet trust me it's much harder than what it seems. This was amazing to watch and hear.

Mr. Roberts
 Kevin’s ideas for teaching in the 21st century are amazing. He is hitting the point that it want be enough to teach formulas and theories. That each student will have the ability to look up the regular things taught on their on. That the wide variety of helpful sites gives this ability to them. He was saying that if the teaching continues this way then those helpful websites would might as well be teaching for us.

Flipped The Class Room
I watched the Katie Gimbar parts of why I flipped my class room. I think that flipping the class room is a great idea. I understood exactly what she was saying by the different levels of students in the class room. Giving the students something they control to go about at their on pace I believe can work very well. I would defiantly be able to use this in my teaching. Mainly because of the help it gives to open up time for interaction in the class room between teacher and student.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blog Assignment #4

The benifits of podcasting in the class room

This video was interesting in the aspect that introducing new ideas into the class room can help with kids wanting to learn. That the podcast can be an essential part of any class room that would like a much more lively class. What I learn from this video is that podcast can even help with children that have been out sick from class for long periods of time. It also gives the parent the reassurance that their kids or participating in class and that they or learning. Even that the podcast can promote individual creativity and innovation, that encourages the students to get involved and continue to stay involved.

After reading the, listing – comprehension – podcast, I was very surprised that the third graders were able to experiment with the Hebrew language and actually tell a story using there techniques. Being a lover of music I found it extremely interesting that they were able to rearrange the voices and put them in different spots using the smart board. While looking at these pictures I was feeling the erg to somehow find me a smart board for myself. Once again this was not just an exercise to use the smart board, but opening an experience for the students to learn new skills. I learned that being able to work with you voice can help in a podcast. Helping with the diction and pronunciation with the words, making things clearer for the listener I understood how important this process is.

Podcasting with the first grade, my first expression was a shock that a class of first graders could accomplish such a fun task while staying on task. It was good to know that introducing new things to the class room can help bring out the confidence in many kids. I learn from this that in a podcast that you want to make sure that whoever is listing actually understands what you’re trying to do. That being able to present, comprehend, and have oral fluency is very important. Those three stuck out to me know that you want to keep the listeners attention.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blog Assignment 2

Address to Did You Know? 3.0 - A John Strange 2012 Version The video by Dr. Strange using the information from the, did you know serious, Gary Hayes Social Media Counts, and by the Kaiser Family Foundation Study Generation M2: Media in the lives of 8 to 18 Year-Old, January 2010. I found this video very interesting and a little disturbing. The fact that I heard from numerous sources that many people don’t have computers in their home and for that reason many don’t have access to the internet. While watching the video to read that two years ago a percentage of 93 kids between the ages of 8-18 had computers in their home blew me away. The truth being that just because you hear it doesn’t make it true that just because you have information doesn’t make it accurate information.

The number of videos watched on YouTube in the course of a minute was very shocking. Personally I really am not a YouTube fan, but while reading the information on YouTube and watching the video I realized that in the course of a minute I was one making up the sum of 1,097,220 people watching the same minute I was. 1,393, 519 in this same minute did a search on Google. Being a big user of Google I did not find this shocking. As it went to the next slide 11,453,577 sms messages were being sent worldwide. I always knew that computers and phones were used a lot but to actually have it put in numbers is something different to rap your mind around, Also knowing that your either making this number or adding to it helps you see yourself in this group of individuals making huge numbers by using such a simple tool.

Mr. Winkel Wakes, at first I wonder how I was going to write to paragraphs on something so simple that took 2:31 seconds. But then I realized that was it, something so simple expressed in a simple way, making a point in my case that my teacher stress so often when were in class. That the classroom is not supposed to be places where you do something call “Burp Back Education” Dr Strang. The video showed us a possible ongoing way of life in our educational system that we sit get fed and then give it back. That how we can let everything else advance and get better and not adjust our teaching method.

What would be the reason for schools if you weren’t taught what you needed for the outside world but when you get there you have to learn new techniques and undo a 12 year period of learning wrong, or better an old way of learning! That we are following a tradition of teaching that for the time when it was relevant to the times was the best method. But now that times have changed the methods of How, Why, and for what reason we’re teaching should change also. The purpose of school is to prepare the students to enter into the world as a proactive and successful member of society. This is also the objective of any teacher that does not wish to see their students fail as a member of society.

Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity: I just want to scream ken Robinson, ken Robinson, I can honestly say that I enjoyed this video to the fullest. I believe Mr. Robinson was amazing, the words that he said I or correct. We have been brought up to fear being wrong. While watching this video I begin to think of myself which I realize that I have had many times where I have feared being wrong so I did not say anything. That as I grew I was thought that if I don’t know not to answer and this is one thing he words proved in this video.

The things he said I heard myself, don’t do music you want get a job, don’t do music because you want make money. Knowing that I stirred away from music and went to something more that I would likely get a job and make money. I liked something he said was that “intelligence is distinct “many people experience bright ideas in different ways. Just because one person learns different and express themselves differently doesn’t mean that there not important. It means that a different technique is needed to help bring out the inner ability to express ones intellectual needs.

The Future, Mr. Winkle video showed us a future. A future that is very much possible from what we are doing now. A future that is making itself a strong part of the future made of glass. The video a Day made of glass is a future that shows a bright technological future where the student is an incline user. Now the reason I say that Mr. Winkle video is a strong part of a possible future is because, technology will not wait just because a part of a generation doesn’t know how to use it. The advancement is possible but the people must meet the requirements.

I believe that if our methods of teaching remain at an industrial method we will not meet the criteria that the future is calling for; to produce the more qualified teachers. The technology is not a person no matter how much it can do it still need to be controlled, used, and furthermore directed in use. To have a day made of glass would be an enormous benefactor to our future children and students. If we were to make the right steps toward a more advanced way of living, teaching and learning the possibility of the day made of glass would become a proactive and accessible way of life to everyone.   

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Project 2

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Blog Assignment #1

My Life
Hello my name is Lamarsio Mckeller I am from a small town called Millry Alabama I moved to mobile when I was in the fourth grade so I guess you could say I’m from here. My major interest would consist of Music, Ministry, and Traveling I love music usually I would be listing to gospel, classical, smooth jazz, r&b, or something meditational. Ministry is very important to me also I love to spread news about my lord and savior Jesus Christ, I am a strong believer in my faith knowing that God is always in control and that to find peace beyond understanding is only through him. Traveling, well being from the small town that I’m from I never expected to visit the places I have been. Including New York (2) Chicago and Tennessee but being able to go to these places I understand that I absolutely love to travel! It was not my number one choice to come to USA I was going to the University of North Alabama, but seeing how that didn't work out I rushed to get into USA which was successful. I love to sing, in which I believe I do well, I sing when I’m happy when I’m sad, when I need guidance, I just love to sing it is my passion.

The reason I’m going into education is because I love kids, children, teens, youth whatever you want to call them. We or in a generation that need help and much guidance and as a teacher I believe that this is part of my calling to be in this place to provide this guidance that is much lacking in this generation and as I feel the generations to come. Something you should know about me is that I don’t like failure, I don’t like giving up, I am persistent and I will do my best to be the best accomplish that which is to others unobtainable and show them that through Christ ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. I plan to be an influence that is able to turn the bad into good the average to great and the great to absolute success. This is me in a nutshell surely there is always room to improve and while I improve you shall recognize that so will you.

DR. Pausch
Dr. Pausch's video was interesting and funny I noticed from the video that time and money or equitable, and that if you have things to do you first need to ask why am I doing this, why will I succeed, and what will happen if I don’t do it. At 2:00 till 2:03 on the video I really liked what he said” it doesn't matter how well you polish the underside of the banister”. Because no one will see the shine on something that’s always hidden!

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